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Adam Whitaker

Mobilegeddon – How Publishers Can Survive Google’s Update

If you haven’t been hiding in a cave for the last month, you should’ve have heard about the upcoming Google update that’s happening tomorrow. If you didn’t know, it’s concerning websites, mobile responsiveness and SEO. There IS a reason SEO leaders have quickly coined it ‘Mobilegeddon’; this change is predicted to have a greater impact than the Panda or Penguin updates. The scary thing is that no-one knows exactly what the change will be. Continue Reading

Adam Whitaker

Twitter Cleans Up “Quote Tweet” & Tweet With Comment Functionality

Quoted tweets now display as embeds instead of text; changes are rolling out for iPhone and web users with Android "coming soon." Adding a comment to a tweet just got a bit more convenient. Twitter announced today that it’s updating the “quote tweet” button in mobile apps and giving web users the option to add commentary to tweets they want to share. Tweets shared in this way will be embedded and displayed as a Twitter-card style image. Continue Reading

Adam Whitaker

21 Things You Can Buy for the Same Price As A Gold Apple Watch

By now, you probably know about the steep price tag of the Gold Apple Watch. To help you put things in perspective, STYLIGHT has created an infographic that features 21 awesome things that you can buy for the same price as the luxurious smartwatch. If you choose not to purchase the Gold Apple Watch, you could afford to splurge on two return first class flights from London to Sydney, or feed yourself with 1,970 pizzas daily for five years. Continue Reading

Other Ventures


Airtography is my aerial photography and videography service. Great for real estate, parks and other businesses in need of aerial imagery.


Indyappolis is my service specifically designed for mobile app development. If you need an app for your business (and you do!) this is the best place to start.


Pikzly was designed for bussinesses who need design tasks regularly but are tired of overpaying. Just pay one low monthly fee for unlimited design tasks.

I Thank So

I Thank So is my only non-tech service, but still a service that is important for any marketing strategy. Send thank you notes without ever lifting a pen.