10 Huge Things Less Valuable Than Facebook

I hate to do 2 Facebook posts in a row… but with Facebook filing its initial public offering just a couple of days ago, we need to discuss how ridiculous the value of Facebook really is. According to market analyst estimates, Facebook’s total value has reached a staggering $100 billion.

It’s hard for me to grasp on to what $100 billion really is. So, here are a few things that are less valuable than Facebook. Or, in other words, if Facebook were to sell today, here are 10 things they could technically afford to buy.

1. The Economy of Qatar
The country of Qatar’s (located in the Middle East) GDP adds up to about $98 billion.

2. The Cost of Breast Cancer Treatment in the US for 6 years.
Breast cancer costs the U.S. $16.5 billion per year. Multiply that number by six years and you get $99 billion.

3. The World’s Entire Coffee Industry
The global coffee industry is estimated to be right on par with Facebook – $100 billion.

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4. 120 Eiffel Towers
Estimates are that rebuilding the Eiffel Tower today would cost $480 million plus the cost of land, another $350 million. Therefore, you’d be able to build 120 Eiffel Towers for $99.6 billion.

5. 6.25 Months Worth of Fast Food in the United States
According to a survey by Mint, Americans spend an average of $51.79 on fast food per month. Multiply that by the population (307,006,550) and you discover that Americans spend $15,899,869,225 per month on fast food. Multiply that by 6.25 months and you reach $99,374,182,653.

6. 50 Naval Submarines
It costs the US Navy $2 billion to build a submarine.

7. Brazil’s 2011 Travel and Tourism Budget
Brazil’s travel and tourism budget for 2011 was about 74.2 billion U.S. dollars.

8. The Entire Cleanup of Hurricane Katrina — And Then Some
Hurricane Katrina cost $81 billion in damages. Not to mention, the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan cost $100 billion.

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9. The Gulf War
At $96 billion, the cost of the entire Gulf War comes in under Facebook’s valuation.

10. 2.5 Olympic Games
As one of the most expensive Olympics in history, the Beijing games cost $40 billion. For $100 billion, you could throw 2.5 Olympics games at that cost.

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