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So I met this guy over at EMI several years ago. He had a website, but it wasn’t very good. At the time, though, it wasn’t too big of a deal. He has been in business since 1995 and has built a pretty good client-base during that time, and retains his clients as well.

In fact, here is what one of his customers just sent him:

“EMI has been our Fundraising partner for 15 years now. Our Football Program has benefited tremendously from this relationship and our annual Discount Card sale now generates over $20,000 per year. They are the most reliable and professional fundraising company in the industry. Highly recommend these guys…” Rodney Roberts, Head Football Coach/AD Franklin HS

Now that’s pretty incredible. I’ve heard him talk with other customers who have told him things along the lines of their fundraisers averaged $200 a year and now they are around $15,000. The moral of the story is – this guy had a good clientele and a good reputation. But even so, he needed to grow his business. And he knew that despite his success over the past 15 years, he needed an online presence to stay in the game.

So he hired me to build his website. Since that time, he’s been one of my most valued clients. The referrals that he has sent me and the business that he has given me on his own online marketing has been very valuable to me and my family. Two years later, we just completed the third version of his website.

He’s the same way as I am – I get bored with the same design over time. Also, it’s good to update your site. It shows Google you care. It shows your customers that you care; that you can adapt to changing technology. I develop all of my websites on a framework which sets on the server separately than the design part. Not a lot of developers do this. But, they should. It’s incredibly valuable for SEO rankings as well as for yourself. You can easily overhaul your entire website’s design without touching any of the code that you have worked so hard to make search engine friendly.

We’re still hard at work on the site. He’s in an incredibly competitive field. But things are going great, even post-Google Penguin, and we will continue to use online marketing to promote his business which truly sells a remarkable fundraising product.

For more information on fundraising or to see the site, check out Educational Marketing, Inc.

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