49ers Vs. Giants NFC Championship

Just hours away from the NFC Championship game, I write this blog post as the Ravens tie it up at 10-10 in an awfully boring game. I don’t really care about either of these teams, but being from Indy, you can’t root for the Patriots. Also it would be pretty cool to see a Harbaugh Super Bowl.

Which I guess leads into my next thought… Go 49ers! Sorry Eli, but I’ve been a semi-49ers fan since I was little. My Aunt lives just outside of San Fran and I’ve been lucky enough to fly out to California for a couple of training camps and to meet some of the players. Of course, that was back when Steve Young was a young QB and Terrell Owens had an NFL career. Anyway, since I can’t root for the Cowboys again for several months, I’ll be pushing for the Niners and a Harbaugh brother Super Bowl.

vernon davis san francisco 49ers

Keep your eye on the incredible #85. You’re awesome, VD! Wait, that didn’t sound right…

Update: Well, that did not turn out like I had hoped!

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