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SEOs, Why You Need to be on Reddit

It’s hard being an SEO on the Internet. The old people on Facebook can’t understand what we do, we’re not famous enough for Twitter and our forums are more shady than that alley behind the Arby’s. So where can a search engine optimizer go to hang out and talk shop with his or her compatriots? [...]

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Prediction: Vine Will Continue to Grow After Instagram Video Release

On Thursday, I sat at my computer anxiously awaiting the somewhat mysterious Intragram announcement from Facebook headquarters.  As Kevin Systrom (co-creator of Instagram) took the stage, I think we all had a pretty good idea what he was about to unveil; it was just the details that remained a mystery. Systrom announced the highly anticipated [...]

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Why Google+ Never Took Off

Google+ is better than Facebook in pretty much every single conceivable way. It hit big with the tech/geek crowd first. We LOVED it, and when it came out of beta, we brought our friends over. Here's the thing: a social network is only as good as the people on it. People are used to Facebook. [...]

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Business Owners, You’re Doing Twitter Wrong!

If you're in the majority, then you are tweeting too much on the wrong days, not using #hashtags enough and don't ask often enough for retweets. This information comes from a new study from Buddy media looking at how business owners conduct marketing efforts on Twitter. As a follow up to my post Business Owners, [...]

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