Best Super Bowl Ad Never Aired on TV

Even before the Super Bowl XLVII power outage, it’s likely that many advertisers were pacing nervously as a seemingly runaway Baltimore Ravens victory threatened to undercut their second half television ad spends.

But the power outage actually turned into a great opportunity for one savvy brand.

As Twitter erupted with fake twitter accounts, sarcastic puns, and creative memes, Oreo seized the opportunity and won the evening with one simple tweet.

Oreo Tweet

By the time the lights came back on in the stadium, Oreo had accumulated over 10,000 re-tweets and overwhelmingly positive replies – all with a single tweeted image.

The average cost of a 30 second television ad during Super Bowl 47 was about $3.7 Million. Looking back at some of the commercials and consumer reviews of last night, many of these expensive ads are being criticized heavily.

The fact that Oreo stole the spotlight with a free Tweet makes their advertising win even sweeter.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 11.06.40 AM

I’m guessing somebody at Oreo is getting a nice bonus today.

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