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A new startup called Chirpify introduced a platform today that lets you buy and sell things as well as donate money on Twitter.

The Portland, OR company has linked up with PayPal to make Twitter-based transactions, a.k.a. “T-commerce” sort of like writing a check.

Adam WhitakerFor instance, you can buy stuff from your favorite brand just by tweeting “@favoritebrand Buy” (assuming they use Chirpify, of course.) You can also donate by typing “@politician Donate.”

The platform also enables peer-to-peer transactions. If you owed your friend $20, for instance, you could “donate” the money back to him via a Twitter-enabled smartphone, making the check analogy all the more apt.

So far, PowerBar is the only brand using Chirpify. Starting this week, fans of the brand can buy merchandise from PowerBar using Chirpify over Twitter.

PowerBar fans, for instance, will see on the company’s Twitter feed this week that such transactions are possible, but if they want to buy something, they will have to register with Chirpify. The Chirpify CEO, Chris Teso, says that the appeal for brands will be obvious: “It’s a way to instantly monetize their followers.”

Teso launched a similar concept last year called Sell Simply that was designed more for small vendors selling via Etsy, eBay or Craigslist. Now his company has pivoted to go after larger advertisers. Though there have been a few other attempts to broaden Twitter’s somewhat one-dimensional experience, like Blether, a Twitter app that enables private chats, Chirpify appears to be breaking new ground.

It will be interesting to see over the next few months how Chirpify grows and if any other big brands join.

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