Mobilegeddon – How Publishers Can Survive Google’s Update

If you haven’t been hiding in a cave for the last month, you should’ve have heard about the upcoming Google update that’s happening tomorrow. If you didn’t know, it’s concerning websites, mobile responsiveness and SEO. There IS a reason SEO leaders have quickly coined it ‘Mobilegeddon’; this change is predicted to have a greater impact than [...]

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Is SEO Dead?

I get asked this a lot. Google has released 3 substantial algorithm updates in the past 2 years: Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird, with the latter being more of a complete fundamental change to the entire algorithm landscape. It's without a doubt the most loaded question I've ever been asked in regards to SEO, but a [...]

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Google Hummingbird and the Future of SEO

Since Google Hummingbird was announced on September 27, I can't even count all the comments and blog posts about how "SEO is dead". That statement cannot be further from the truth. If your strategy for SEO is to cut corners, manipulate ranking factors and to take automated shortcuts, then yes - SEO is dead for [...]

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Why Google+ Never Took Off

Google+ is better than Facebook in pretty much every single conceivable way. It hit big with the tech/geek crowd first. We LOVED it, and when it came out of beta, we brought our friends over. Here's the thing: a social network is only as good as the people on it. People are used to Facebook. [...]

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Adding Your Photo to the Search Results

By Adam Whitaker You may or may not be familiar with the new Google Authorship program. Either way, though, you have probably at some point seen search results in Google that have a person's image next to them. This is not by accident. Google knows what they are doing and so do the authors of [...]

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Google’s Sci-Fi Glasses Available This Year

As you may have already noticed, it's 2012 and we have yet to acquire flying cars and jetpacks. Though we have made quite a few technological advances in previous years, things still look pretty non-futuristic. But if Google has its way, we will start wearing some very science fiction-like glasses by the year’s end. The [...]

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Google Still Dominates Search

The tussle for U.S. search dominance over the last few years has been interesting. Google has dominated Yahoo without a struggle for the past decade. Bing, however, has steadily increased in usage since its release 3 years ago. With that said, neither Yahoo nor Bing are even close to nipping at Google's heels. Google has [...]

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