What you need to know about Negative SEO

Online businesses use SEO to get better visibility in search engines for desired keywords so that they can attract more eyeballs eventually converting into paying customers. From the last few years, when it comes to online marketing, SEO is mainstream and this is possibly because the investment it requires is small as compared to offline [...]

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Is SEO Dead?

I get asked this a lot. Google has released 3 substantial algorithm updates in the past 2 years: Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird, with the latter being more of a complete fundamental change to the entire algorithm landscape. It's without a doubt the most loaded question I've ever been asked in regards to SEO, but a [...]

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Top 20 Local SEO Search Ranking Factors

2013 was a big year for changes in the SEO algorithm for Google. So with all of these changes, how does a local, small business owner continue to survive and move forward with their organic SEO? Google suggests that there are about 200 different SEO ranking factors. Of that 200, I've identified about 80 that [...]

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Google Hummingbird and the Future of SEO

Since Google Hummingbird was announced on September 27, I can't even count all the comments and blog posts about how "SEO is dead". That statement cannot be further from the truth. If your strategy for SEO is to cut corners, manipulate ranking factors and to take automated shortcuts, then yes - SEO is dead for [...]

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SEOs, Why You Need to be on Reddit

It’s hard being an SEO on the Internet. The old people on Facebook can’t understand what we do, we’re not famous enough for Twitter and our forums are more shady than that alley behind the Arby’s. So where can a search engine optimizer go to hang out and talk shop with his or her compatriots? [...]

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Need Some Backlinks to Your Site? Here’s Some

You've heard that you need backlinks to improve the SEO of your website. But not really sure what it means? Have you contacted some SEO companies only to find they want $5000 to do SEO with no guarantees? Here's a DIY list of 163 fresh high-powered links for you, absolutely free! Just click the link [...]

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