I’m Getting Old

I’m in my final year of my 20’s. I guess that’s still pretty young. But I feel old.

Today, my twins turn 3 years old. Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday I was in the cold doctor’s office wondering why I was seeing double on the sonogram screen. Am I seeing what I think I see? “I’ll go get the doctor,” replies the ultrasound technician with raised eyebrows.

As the doctor confirmed my suspicions, I managed to keep a cool demeanor, though my wife tells the story differently – something about my face turning green. To be fair, my wife told me prior to the appointment that she was either carrying 2 babies or 1 really giant one. I brushed off that notion with, “it’s probably just gas.”

Well, it wasn’t gas and it wasn’t a giant baby.

Three short years later I look back at that time and feel like the luckiest guy ever that these 2 amazing people that call me dad were born together.


Don’t get me wrong, they’ve put us through hell at times. Born 8 weeks early – 30 days in the NICU – another week at Riley Chidlren’s Hospital for open heart surgery – 2 babies crying in the middle of the night – 6 months of physical therapy – and more shitty diapers than I can count.

I couldn’t wait to get through all of that. But now I look into their eyes while they talk to me in full sentences and say please and thank you to the waiter at the restaurant and I couldn’t be more proud of them, and wish that the time hasn’t gone by so quickly. In a blink of an eye, they’ve turned 3 and I’m doing everything I can to not blink again and see them turn 6. A couple more blinks and they’ll be all grown up.

I love you Reece and Ryland. Thank you for being such amazing people, and please quit growing up so quickly.

Reece and Ryland

Happy birthday.

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