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Save 80%

I have never given this steep of a discount, but I decided to do this deal right now for 2 reasons. For one, I wanted to do something good this holiday season for children in Central Indiana and I don’t really have the extra money or resources on my own to do that. And the other reason would be to raise a little extra cash for my houseful of kids this Christmas.

This is a great opportunity if you run a small business and need to get some online exposure. Or maybe you have that business idea that you just haven’t ran with because you haven’t had the extra capital to risk. Or maybe it’s just for fun. The screenshot featured front and center above is my wife’s blog. She doesn’t have a ton of time to devote to it, but it’s a fun way for her to share all of her projects and ideas. Featured on the vertical standing iPad is a screenshot of my 4 year old daughter’s one-page website.

Who Am I?

I’ve been designing and developing personal and revenue-generating websites for about 6 years. Most recently, I worked with a medium sized company based out of Indianapolis doing all of their website and content marketing. In the year that I overhauled their inbound marketing, revenue went from $22M to $29M.

Everything I do is HTML5 and cross-compatible between devices and browsers. I create sites that are beautiful, engaging and mobile responsive. I can create from scratch or fix up an existing site. I can do small jobs like creating a logo to larger projects like driving more traffic to your business through SEO and Social Media strategies.

Payment & Donations

1/3 of the total cost of your project will be donated to Riley Children’s Hospital to help make the kids there have a great Christmas. My son, Ryland, who is now 3 is a Riley kid and we know what it’s like for a young child to spend a holiday inside of those walls. So the objective here will be to collect all donations and then make the donation on behalf of my new clients in the beginning of November. I will report back with details on that donation.

Payment is 50% of the total cost due in order to start the project and 50% due upon completion. Payments accepted in cash or check.

Let’s Do This!

No project is too small or too big. 80% off my standard pricing and delivered to you within 30 days. Depending on the size of your project and how many orders I get (first come, first serve), it may be completed much quicker. Let’s get started by answering a couple of questions using the form above, left (or down below if you’re on mobile) and I’ll get back in touch with you immediately.