Facebook’s VP of Growth Gives You Tips on Growing Your Product

Alex Schultz is the VP of Growth at Facebook. Before joining the mothership, he was a marketing manager at eBay. He has no educational background in marketing, instead opting to get his masters in physics at University of Cambridge. Schultz paid for college by doing online marketing. He learned SEO in the 90s when he [...]

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The New Facebook Update is Great for Brands – Please Don’t Ruin it

Back in December, Facebook made a decision to update their algorithm in an effort to intentionally limit organic reach for Facebook pages. (Note: we're talking about Pages - not personal profiles.) Why would they do this? Well, less organic reach means that you now need to pay them to promote your posts. Obviously this was [...]

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Facebook is Losing Members but Gaining Where it Matters

I wanted to write this post for 2 reasons. First, there's been a lot of talk lately about people jumping ship from Facebook, specifically younger people. Secondly, tech blog giant Mashable and iStrategyLabs recently teamed up to research the actual numbers. According to its findings released Wednesday, which the agency claims were drawn from Facebook's [...]

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Why Google+ Never Took Off

Google+ is better than Facebook in pretty much every single conceivable way. It hit big with the tech/geek crowd first. We LOVED it, and when it came out of beta, we brought our friends over. Here's the thing: a social network is only as good as the people on it. People are used to Facebook. [...]

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Business Owners, You’re Doing Facebook Wrong!

I often talk about posting the wrong type of information on your social media profiles, but posting at the wrong time can also hurt your marketing efforts. Maybe you're not one of those businesses that I constantly critique for blasting out 25 updates to their Facebook everyday or who continue to post pushy sales content [...]

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10 Huge Things Less Valuable Than Facebook

I hate to do 2 Facebook posts in a row... but with Facebook filing its initial public offering just a couple of days ago, we need to discuss how ridiculous the value of Facebook really is. According to market analyst estimates, Facebook’s total value has reached a staggering $100 billion. It's hard for me to [...]

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How Do Your Facebook Stats Compare?

Some pretty incredible, but expected, statistics about Facebook directly from the source. People on Facebook -More than 800 million active users -More than 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day -Average user has 130 friends Activity on Facebook -More than 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, [...]

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