The Married Life

Katie and Adam WhitakerWell, internet, I got married over the weekend. I have to say, while it didn’t change a whole lot, it was the best day of my life (tied with my children’s births)!

You see, my wife and I did things a little backwards. We had 3 beautiful babies and had been living together for about 4 years by the time we finally tied the knot on 3-30-12. Our marriage doesn’t change much, but changes everything too.

It’s not like we get to start planning some fancy honeymoon – we’ve been living our honeymoon for years. We don’t get to plan babies – our kids are already being potty trained! We don’t get to go house-hunting – we’ve already hunted one down a long time ago. But to be able to call the woman of my dreams my “WIFE”, and to finally be her husband, changes everything.

To my wife, Katie, I love you. Just like I told you in our hotel room while, alone, we danced our first dance as husband and wife: I will love you, protect you, and be faithful to you forever.

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