Turning My Wife into a Blogger

I may have said this a time or ten in previous posts, but my wife is an amazing woman. Aside from being a great mother and wife, which I’ve touched on before, she has one of those extremely creative brains. In fact, she often helps me with my web design projects. She will tell me that something looks stupid and to change it before I show it to my client. Or she’ll help with layout decisions and color palettes. She has an eye for detail and a mind for creativity.

She comes up with the craziest – but coolest – decorations around the house. I say crazy not in a bad way; she just does these things that I have never seen or would ever think of. She’ll decorate the living room one day while I’m out working. She’ll rearrange furniture. And then cut part of one of the plants off and grow it in a Mason jar full of rocks and water. She’ll take giant wine glass shaped vases and fill it with wine bottle corks and candles – seriously, you’d have to see it. Those probably aren’t the best examples, but she comes up with some cool stuff. Anyway, I’ll come home the next day and she’ll have completely rearranged everything and come up with 10 new awesome ideas. I call it Design ADD. But, call it what you want, she comes up with some very cool ideas that she needs to show off.

Here’s the point. I designed a website for my wife. You can visit KatharineWhitaker.com or click on the image below. This site is designed to help her write about life as a mother, wife and an all-around talented lady. I wanted to give her an outlet to share her ideas and crafts. It’s still in its infancy – just a couple of generic blog posts. But keep an eye on her – maybe bookmark the site. Or even sign up on the site to receive blog notifications in your email! Keep an eye out for future blog posts. She may impress you just like she has me!

Katie's Website

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