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I wanted to share this site that I just finished up today because I thought it was pretty cool. A long-time client and business partner of mine referred this client to me. He has a working relationship with a relative of this business and got us connected.

The Broken Bolt is an automotive solutions shop in Howard Lake, MN that does maintenance and repairs for all types of vehicles, imports and domestic. They also have a small lot where they buy and sell cars.

As of today, we are still working on updating the inventory of vehicles for sales and training the client on how to use the backend of WordPress to easily update the revolving inventory, but the rest of the site is driving full speed (pun intended).

The building was described to me as a cool, older brick building – hence the brick background of the site. It’s built on the WordPress platform (as is almost everything I design) to make it easy for the client to make changes and add pictures to the website moving forward.

It’s also built on HTML5 responsive framework which means that the site will automatically detect the device that it’s being viewed from and adjust its output accordingly. in other words, if you are on a desktop computer it will display like in the picture above. But if you pull it up from your smartphone, it will adjust the layout to deliver a better user-experience on your phone.

With the new Google algorithm coming out in just a few weeks looking to upgrade sites that are mobile-friendly and downgrade rank on sites that are not, it’s extremely important to follow this style as we move into 2014, or to create a separate mobile site that automatically redirects.

To see the site for yourself, visit

The big grand opening for The Broken Bolt is next week – so good luck to them and enjoy the brand new website!

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