Where Should I Host My Website?

This is a question that I often receive from new website clients.  A majority of the time, I will host the website for my client on my server.  I own a dedicated server through HostGator and I am able to offer rebranded cPanels to each of my client.  In other words, I can host as many websites as I want on my server and provide each client with a separate login to their own specific hosting control panel.

The server is amazing – there is literally no down time.  There’s also unlimited bandwidth and disk space.  This is the fastest, most secure and most reliable hosting on the market right now.

If you’re not a website client of mine or you want to host the website yourself, then I highly recommend still going with HostGator.  There’s a whole bunch of hosting providers, and for the most part they are all very similar.  But, for several reasons, HG is far superior to those other options.  And you don’t have to pay for the increased quality.  Their pricing is extremely competitive.  You can even visit promo codes Hostgator to get some cash-saving coupons.

HostGator is very reliable.  They advertise a 99.9% up-time, but even then it’s really 100% of the time.  They have servers with backup servers and there literally is never an issue.  Whereas, even big named companies like GoDaddy have interruptions in service all of the time.  Additionally, even with the smallest hosting package from HG, you get unlimited bandwidth and disk space.  Many hosting providers limit the amount of data you can put on the server or the server may slow down or reach a bandwidth limit if you get too much traffic during a specific month.  You don’t have to worry about this with HostGator.

The other 2 things that I think set them apart from other hosting providers is their green initiative and their customer server.  HostGator’s shared and reseller hosting servers are powered 130% by windmills.  To power and cool just 1 server, it emits the same pollution as a 15mpg SUV.  But by purchasing energy credits and using Texas wind to power their servers, HostGator is doing their part to go easy on our environment.  The customer service is also incredible.  They are 24/7/365.  They are there Christmas morning if you need them.  And you can call, email or do live chat.  I’m a live chat kind of guy.  It’s so easy and they all are extremely knowledgeable.

So, whether you choose to have me put your website on my server for a very low annual cost or host it on your own – feel free to do your own research but trust me when I say HostGator rocks!

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